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Where ? Macon High School Cafeteria

When ? Next Regular Meeting
Monday June 6, 2016

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Topics for Discussion

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Swarm List

Below is a list of club members that are willing to come and get bee swarms.

Terry Arment , Shelbyville, Mo. 573-822-2653
Terry Barnett , Macon, Mo. 660-651-3989
Roger Bernskoetter ,Chillicothe,660-247-5504
Kevin Blew , Clarence, Mo. 660-349-8071
Bob Brammer, Macon, Mo. 660-415-6480
Brady Briddle, Kirksville, Mo. 660-626-7833
Ricky Caylor , Macon, Mo. 816-695-8267
Jerry Coulter, Jacksonville, Mo. 660-591-2097
Al Crego , Bosworth, Mo. 660-534-7404
Rich Davis, Macon, Mo. 660-651-8590
Don Duvall, Madison, Mo. 660-651-6275
David Gall, Callao, Mo. 660-833-7339
Bill George, Chillicothe, Mo. 660-214-0132
Karl Hostetler, Shelbyville, Mo. 660-415-7458
Aaron Hulse , Macon, Mo. 660-998-4311
Billie Hurley , Downing , Mo. 660-626-7817
Paul Jensen, LaPlata, Mo. 660-332-4027
Bob Klingenberg , Bevier, Mo. 660-385-5611
Troy Link, Moberly, Mo. 660-651-5104
Charles Miller, Macon, Mo. 660-651-5602
Rick & Janet Miller, Excello, Mo. 660-346-1068
Deanna Morgan , Breckenridge, Mo. 660-973-0052
Jackie Mott, Madison, Mo. 660 651 8612
Ben Nelson, Macon, Mo. 660-385-2560
Paxton Pittman, Bevier,Mo. 918-316-7500
Roger Rector, Macon, Mo. 660-651-3822
Dan Schlipf, Macon, Mo. 660-384-4216
Dan West, Macon, Mo. 660-651-7582
Wade West, Shelbina, Mo. 573-424-7284
Preston Williams, Madison, Mo. 660-291-8740




Wanted! Volunteers for working the Bee Booth at the Missouri State Fair ,Tuesday August 16, 2016.
Free admission for working / answering questions for a 4 hour block.
Contact: Bob Brammer , Bill George for details.
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2016 Advanced Beekeeping Class Flyer
Being Held in Macon, June 1st , 9am - 4pm

Queen Rearing Class - June 4, 2016 - Columbia, MO

Presented by the Boone Regional Beekeepers Association, www.boonebees.org (Recommended for beekeepers with at least 3 years of experience) What You Will Learn: Basic Biology of the Queen Stock Selection Setting Up and Maintaining a Queen Cell Builder Grafting (classroom and hands on exercises) Queen Cell Utilization (re queening existing hives and making nuclei colonies) The Instructuctor: Cory Stevens is known for his breeding program that focuses on raising pest and disease resistant honeybees. His operation is completely treatment free to select from the hardiest stock. Cory utilizes VSH and Hygienic breeds to cross with local feral bees. Cory has instructed several successful hands-on queen rearing courses throughout the state. He has served as Southeast Director for The Missouri State Beekeepers Association as well as being involved in local bee clubs. Cory was certified as a Master Beekeeper by The Eastern Apiculture Society in 2013. In 2014 Cory was trained and outfitted by Sue Cobey to instrumentally inseminate honeybees. Cory and his wife Jaime have been married for ten years and have two children together. Cory, his family and his bees all reside in Bloomfield, Missouri. How to Register: Class Registration Fee: $90 for an Individual $155 for a Couple (only one book) Inlcudes class instruction, grafting tool, grafting frame and rails, book lunch. Class is from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday June 4, 2016. To register, complete a Class Reservation Form at http://goo.gl/forms/G0RK9KOD96 or e-mail Marty Comstock, Treasurer, Boone Regional Beekeepers Association if you have questions. treasurer@boonebees.org. Class size is limited to 30.
A Beautiful Local Grafted Queen

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