Meeting Information

Where ?
Macon High School Cafeteria

When ?
Next Regular Meeting
Monday October 3rd, 2016
We will be meeting in the Commons Area for this month.

Look for NCMOBEES sign

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Topics for Discussion

Small Hive Beetles

(a review of Wes Johnston’s presentation)


Preparing Your Hives For Winter

Q&A / Open Discussion

Swarm List

Below is a list of club members that are willing to come and get bee swarms.

Terry Arment , Shelbyville, Mo. 573-822-2653
Terry Barnett , Macon, Mo. 660-651-3989
Roger Bernskoetter ,Chillicothe,660-247-5504
Kevin Blew , Clarence, Mo. 660-349-8071
Bob Brammer, Macon, Mo. 660-415-6480
Brady Briddle, Kirksville, Mo. 660-626-7833
Ricky Caylor , Macon, Mo. 816-695-8267
Jerry Coulter, Jacksonville, Mo. 660-591-2097
Al Crego , Bosworth, Mo. 660-534-7404
Rich Davis, Macon, Mo. 660-651-8590
Don Duvall, Madison, Mo. 660-651-6275
David Gall, Callao, Mo. 66
Bill George, Chillicothe, Mo. 660-214-0132
Karl Hostetler, Shelbyville, Mo. 660-415-7458
Aaron Hulse , Macon, Mo. 660-998-4311
Billie Hurley , Downing , Mo. 660-626-7817
Paul Jensen, LaPlata, Mo. 660-332-4027
Bob Klingenberg , Bevier, Mo. 660-385-5611
Troy Link, Moberly, Mo. 660-651-5104
Mike Mattox, Moberly, Mo. 660-651-8855, mcm@mcmsys.com
Charles Miller, Macon, Mo. 660-651-5602
Rick & Janet Miller, Excello, Mo. 660-346-1068
Deanna Morgan , Breckenridge, Mo. 660-973-0052
Jackie Mott, Madison, Mo. 660 651 8612
Ben Nelson, Macon, Mo. 660-385-2560
Paxton Pittman, Bevier,Mo. 918-316-7500
Roger Rector, Macon, Mo. 660-651-3822
Dan Schlipf, Macon, Mo. 660-384-4216
Dan West, Macon, Mo. 660-651-7582
Wade West, Shelbina, Mo. 573-424-7284
Preston Williams, Madison, Mo. 660-291-8740




Fall Bee Festival
Sign Up information
November 5, 2016, Registration 8:00 to 8:30
Platte County Resource Center
11724 NW Plaza Circle
Kansas City, MO 64153

Make checks payable to: MIDWESTERN BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION Mail registration and registration fee of $40.00 to:
Midwestern Beekeepers Association
401 NW Heady Avenue
Ferrelview, MO 64163
For More info Contact
Bob Brammer 660-415-6480 rbrammer@cvalley.net or Bill George 660-214-0132 georges@chbeekeeping.com